Individual Support
Members of our Individual Support Team work one-on-one with individuals to assess their needs and help them receive the support they need.
This can be for a variety of different needs, including referral to legal aid, psychological support, housing support, food banks, francization classes, crisis problem solving, etc.
The team will then make follow-up calls and emails with referrals and additional supports, as well as individual accompaniments (e.g. accompaniment to a meeting with legal aid, to a consultation or to a medical appointment (especially for trans migrants), etc. according to the needs and our capacities.
We can provide services in French and English and will do our best to support people in other languages ​​as well.

Support groups
Our support groups are spaces for peer support and discussion to help overcome social exclusion by sharing knowledge and experiences of issues they may face. We offer monthly online support groups. We have support groups for different members of our community based on needs and abilities: Arabic speakers, Spanish speakers, trans people, women, etc.

Social activities
Due to the increase in social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, we heard the need for our members to create more spaces to make meaningful social connections and break isolation.

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 10am to 5pm


2075, rue Plessis, bur. 311, Montréal, QC, H2L 2Y4


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