Downtown Eastside Women’s Center – Warming Space


The kitchen provides breakfast, hot lunches, afternoon snacks, and dinner for groups that meet after hours, it also provides meals for the 24-hour emergency shelter.
The Housing Team works hard to help break down barriers for women accessing stable housing. They also offer support with utility bills if women are at risk of losing their homes, which often prevents a woman from being evicted. Other examples include necessary purchases such as bedding, kitchen items or referral support to navigate other community resources.
Victim Services offers culturally-safe, trauma-informed support to women survivors of crime and violence.
The Victim Services program provides ongoing support and assistance to survivors: reporting the crime, emotional support, accompaniment to court, hospital or any other judicial-related programs, and referrals to the appropriate places or affiliated resources. We also provide support to those who choose not to report for personal reasons or are afraid of retaliation.

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday from 2:30pm to 9:00am


398 Powell Street, Vancouver BC, V6A 1G4


Women, LGBTQ