Support Program – For those East and SouthEast Asians living with HIV (and their partners and caregivers)

Youth Program – QAY (Queer Asian Youth) – For East and Southeast Asians 16 to 29 who may be queer or questioning, for all genders and sexualities

Men’s Program – SLAM (Sex Love Asian Men) – For self-identified gay, bi, queer Asian cis & trans men

Women’s (and non-binary) Education and Outreach Program – For self-identified women and non-binary folks

For International Students and Peoples on Work Permits

Trans Program – SHIMMER – for self-identified trans women

Champs in Action – a health promotion program which aims to reduce HIV associated stigma

Asian PHA Resiliency Dialogues – for people of colour living with HIV/AIDS

Community/ Professional Research


260 Spadina Ave, Suite 401, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2E4


Teenagers, Adults, Women, LGBTQ
English, French, Vietnamese